Thursday, 20 March 2008

Easter Break

Through the wonders of the brilliantly portable Asus Eee PC and all-inclusive wireless Internet in (German) hotels, I can post to Blogger from my temporary place in Berlin.

The two-stage flight (via Amsterdam) went smoothly and comfortably, although I have to admit that it's not very green. Easyjet used to fly here from Newcastle direct, but now it's apparently more of a money-raiser to fly direct to Krakow. I know there are a lot of Polish people in the UK these days but I still find this puzzling: I would have thought Berlin was a much more popular destination, for all sorts of reasons.

Sadly, the weather forecast for the weekend is awful both in Germany and the UK. If the weather isn't too horrible here tomorrow we're off to Berlin Zoo, so here's hoping...

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