Saturday, 12 July 2008


Being a member of UNISON (one of the major local government unions) unfortunately means I have to go on strike this week - for two days. The Prime Minister has said we have to show restraint, and while his own MPs have rightly concluded that they just wouldn't get away with awarding themselves huge pay increases at the moment, they have just voted to keep their very generous and non-transparent "allowances" package that allows them to claim thousands of pounds per year from the public purse.

While I agree that the two-and-a-bit percent pay offer is not enough with the way the cost of living is increasing - and everyone knows that government figures in no way represent "real world" inflation - I voted against striking.

This is because I don't think the strikes will achieve anything. The employers are unlikely to increase the offer in a hurry, and how long will it take us to earn back the two days of lost pay - let alone the money lost from any future strikes, if the dispute drags on?